Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a really sad reality....

hankyung looks happy making weird face with other members (from left, hankyung, heechul, kibum, siwon)

yesterday i got a news about one of my fav idol groups, Super Junior.... yes the "Sorry,Sorry" one.... hmmmmm......
this is not a really good news to spread around but i think i want to share some tought on this matter....
ok, first let's look at the news dat i think very unfortunate.....
P/S: this is taken from KPOP WEB

Super Junior’s Chinese Member Hankyung has filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court on the 21st at 1pm about the effect of his exclusive contract.

Reporters are currently on a phone interview with Hankyung’s (who is in China) lawyer, Kim Jinwook. Lawyer Kim said, indeed he has filed a litigation about terminating the contract with SM, but to whether Hankyung will continue Super Junior’s activities, it has been undecided.

  • -It has been heard 2 types of litigation were filed today.
    It is confirmed that 2 litigations have been filed against the exclusive contract to not be valid and to terminate the contract. Simply put, the former says to terminate the exclusive contract and the latter is saying that until the exclusive contract is terminated, and until legal effect of the termination has taken place, (he) will be able to act in accordance of temporary activities at (his) own will.
  • -When did Hankyung prepare for this litigation?
    This is hard to answer. When the statement is released, it will be answered.
  • -The main point of this litigation is similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 member’s exclusive contract?
    Majority speaking, it is almost similar. Hankyung’s contract is valid for 13 years, there are indeed many unfair clauses, so (he) decided to file the litigation.
  • -Has he been contacting the 3 members of DBSK?
    I am not very sure. Hankyung will state his own stand as soon as possible.
  • -Has the first date of the trial been decided?
    At the moment, not yet. The full situation has been sorted out properly. DBSK’s sequestration contract has been terminated, and the process of applying it to finishing the statement, takes about 2 months. Hankyung does not want to spend such a long time. DBSK’s situation has mediation in between, and has undergone trial a few times, so the time spent has been pretty long, we hope that Hankyung’s litigation will be solved as soon as possible.
  • -Did Hankyung think of continuing activities as part of Super Junior or will he leave the group?”
    That I am not too sure. As for Super Junior’s activities, up till now, there has been no decision made.
  • -It has been heard that (he) plans to have solo activities in China?
    I have not heard of that.
so.... what do you guys think...
DBSK members Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejung also filed a litigation towards their company SM entertainment and now is facing a dirty and bloody trial and what hav they gain from this battle? so far.... nothing....

DBSK..... please stay together as kpop idol and not just jpop idol.....

though i know that the contract was unfair but if it is so... i would really like if everyone fight for it and not only one person who came forward fighting this matter and as a side effect, the group future is at hold.... :{
i really hate it if this matter will affect the group's future becuz they are sooo close with each other....
look at DBSK.... as for now, i dont see them as a 5 members group cuz from ny observation they look apart... 2+3 and not united 1. plus, their activities are also delayed and canceled.

in my opinion.... if the contract is really unfair, i would suggest the whole group fight for it becuz they are one unit and if a person feel the pain, the others will too.
but who am i to say all this thing..... im just a tiny fan and my idols are falling apart.... huhuhuhu
it's really painful.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

my new "in-to" couple in WGM.... <3 <3 <3

Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Jo Kwon (2AM)!!!!!!!
this couple is my latest interest in korean entertainment world... heeee
after sooo long (i think almost a year) not watching and knowing about the couples in WGM, i finally found out a couple in this 2nd season that grab my attention... Jo-In couple!!!!
this couple is funny and seem soo real and when watching them, i feel like WGM can still produce good couple for this program after the end of JOONGBO in WGM.
as everyone know, i'm a life long JoongBoer and will always be but it doesn't mean that i cant like other coupling in WGM that i think compatible.... heeee...

Jo Kwon and Ga-In all smile and happy when taking picture together... ^^

if you guys want to know more about this lovely couple, just go to this Soompi thread... but make sure you register first before surfing the thread.... ^^
[Official] Ga-In ♥ Jo Kwon Couple Thread!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My hands on exprience with paintball... ^^

Last Thursday, July 23rd, my course mates and I organized a paintball tournament just for fun. when i first heard that we are going to play paintball, my first thought is that JoongBo had the experience of playing paintball during their fake marriage and i really want to feel the experience of playing paintball just like them... and u know what? i got my WISH!!! ^^

the tournament was a success and everyone had a good time playing together. but at first, not everything is nice and exciting...
after hearing the instructions by the referee, i was really, i mean REALLY scared...
who wouldn't if the game is going to be dangerous (without proper safety gear)!!
can u imagine your eye ball blows up if the bullet hits u at a close range?!! and you can get bruises all over your body if you are covering your body properly!! huhuu...

i was really scared and i also quit playing becuz i dont want to get hurt...
but, the instructor mention that the game will be fun if we obey all the rules and regulations of the game. as long as we dont brake the rules, we are cool...
after thinking for a while, i decided to play becuz of my interest towards JoongBo and i really want to feel the experience they had when they played paintball...
so... there i am playing the game and thankfully i went back without bruises but i still got shot n i did feel the pain of being shot... (really, it's painful!!!)

here is some of the pictures that i took during the game... ^^

the time when all i think is FUN... ^^

posing before the battle

the time when i realize the PAIN... hiks

Friday, July 10, 2009

My version of "JOONGBO" paper cranes ^^

it's been a while since my last post. i've been busy with the beginning of the semester and only this time i had the opportunity to update my blog. ^^
as you guys already know, the joongboers all around the world are now busy with making paper cranes as much as possible so that the mission of sending the cranes to the Ssangchoo couple and also to SS501 members become reality and as a true joongboer, i will not miss this in this lifetime.
up until this moment, i have folded more than 90 cranes with the help of my best budies here at my college. actually, i only started to fold the crane for 3 days as i'm very busy and i can't find the 'calm' moment for me to fold paper cranes. plus, as now i'm living in the hostel, all my friends here are willing to help me with the project. they even learn how to fold the crane together with me. ^^ (thanks guys....)
as i'm very proud of the cranes dat we (my friends and i) have folded, here i want to show you guys what we have finished so far...

the hands of my buddies that helps me fold the cranes...

me smiling with my paper cranes... (wait... there's more to come ^^)

my goal is to fill up the bottle with paper cranes...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Grin from uri Shillang!!!

wow!!! i got this news late last night!!!!
it's about uri shillang Hyun Joong.
Just when i thought Jung Min dropping big hint on JoongBo is the best new EVER, the person himself now is showing some hint dat there are something between him and his buin, HwangBo.
When i open up Soompi forum to read on JoongBo as usual (actually, read the posts on JoongBo is the forum is my daily basic need... ^^) i found out dat Hyun Joong show his smile to one of the Joongboers dat come to meet SS501 at the Taiwan's airport!!! (as they are touring around the world and Taiwan is one of the destinations)
the date is 090627, and the member of SS501 just arrived at the aiport. usually, HJ is well known for his unsmiley and blunt face when he arrived at the aiports that filled with his fans, but this time he shows his smiley face when he sees a Sketchpad/board made by a TW's Joongboer (HB_HJ2008). he even turn his face around to look at the sketchpad carefully and finnaly u can see a very natural smile (not idol fake smile ^^) on his face and when he is near to HB_HJ2008, he touch the sketchpad and walk with a smile on his face..

here are the pictures (credit to HB_HJ2008 and SCI)

the sletchpad made by HB_HJ2008

his 'idol face' when facing the fans

something grabs his attention and he's looking attentively, ignoring his surrounding

noticing that the sketchpad is on JoongBo, a smile suddenly appears on his face he even turn his face to confirm it.

there, the 'of so ever' beautiful smile he gave to HB_HJ2008 for bringing the sketchpad and he even touch the sketchpad!!! ^____^

and he even walk past HB_HJ2008 with a wide smile (showing the white teeth!!) signifies his happiness of looking at the sketchpad.

this is the video on the event. (credit to the uploader... ssory i'm not sure who is the person but i think it is by HB_HJ2008)


Monday, June 22, 2009

World Wide paper cranes folding 4 JOONGBO!!!

all joongboers around the world have agreed to participate in a very great mission to show our love to the JoongBo couple as they are the best couple that we voted for... ^^
the idea of making 1000 cranes for the couple comes from moonlightcreature (soompi ID) and she posted her idea in Soompi forum... and everyone there give positive response towards her idea and one thing leads to another... the operation of folding paper cranes to HJ n HB is ON!!!
there are many contries that participate in the mission including Malaysia (my country ^^), Singapore, US, Philipine, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Canada, and many more...
the cranes will be send to Hyun Joong and HwangBo, and also to the SS501 members showing to them that they are many of us aroud the world supporting the relationship... ^^
it is a very good mission as it will show to the couple that they have many voters around the globe and at the same time this kind of mission is actually bringing the world together.
if you guys want more info's on this mission, you can go to the Joongbo Int'l Forum and who knows dat you will also participate in the event. ^^ lolololollll

what a lovely sight to see that people all around the world regardless colours, religions or ethinics comes together enjoying and participating in this world wide event and come together as ONE!!!
that is why i'm proud to say dat i'm a JoongBoers and will always be...

Friday, June 19, 2009

a new single from Lee Seung Gi ^^

it has bee a while since Lee Seung Gi release a single. i think it's about a year!!
but now he has release a new single entitle "Will You Marry Me" feat. Bizniz. a very interesting title and if someone sing this song to me, i would say "I DO!!!" (especially if he's Seung Gi ^^)

i'm impress dat he still hav time to satisfy his fans need of wanting his new song (afterall, singing is his career...). his schedule is packed with drama shooting (Brillian Legacy) and also participating in one of the most popular series (2 Days 1 Night), he's sure has a lot in his plate.

this is song is nice and sweet (just like him ^^) and i'm sure it will be a song dat we can smile and relax our brain by listening to this song.

download the song here:

Lee Seung Gi - Will You Marry Me feat. Bizniz

the password is: akaneslum


Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Very, VERY big BOMB from mother-in-law (JungMin)

yesterday, i had a very beautiful and fantastic news regarding my fav couple of all time (believe me, i never pray for a couple to be together as much as this!!) JOONGBO (Kim Hyun Joong and HwangBo Hye Jung).
a very NICE person posted a video of an introduction of SS501 on youtube. this vid is supposed to be an intro for SS501 to the Taiwanese fans but JungMin drop a big hint on Joongbo by humming and dancing "Get Hot" (hwangbo's technotonic song)!!!!!!
though we (joongboers) believe in their relationship with all our heart, this kind of hint strengthen our believe and trust me... who wouldn't??!
Joongbo couple in WGM (We Got Married) has ended their marriage more than half a year but still people keep talking about them and all the fans (including me ^^) still belive in them. and now, one of HJ's brother drop a big hint on their relationship... i almost cried!!!
here is the youtube link of the video. credits to the uploader, naoko0926bb for giving me and the rest of the world a hint on their relationship... ^^

2009.6.16 - SS501 Introduction

from the video, you can see the members' reaction on jungmin's action. my most loved part is HJ's reaction. he really looks as if he do not know what to do and i guess he is thinking why does this horse (jungmin's nickname) dropping such hint at this moment... lololololololollllll!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

HwangBo's show at The Circle NY...

finally i get my hands on the pictures of hwangbo's show at The Circle NY, last Friday and Saturday (12 and 13 of June).
here are the pictures (credit to blueroses at Soompi forum) of the ever lovely, Heathy Beauty HwangBo!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MV's for my beloved JoongBo...

hi guys...
today i would like to share to everyone my addiction that has been going on for more than a year now. i'm proud to say that im a life long fan of JoongBo!!!!(kim Hyun Joong and HwangBo Hye Jung couple).

if u guys are not familiar with joongbo, let me give some brief infos on them.
Kim Hyun Joong and Hwangbo Hye Jung are a make believe couple in a popular show named 'We Got Married' on MBC (korean channel). from that show i can see that both of the are compatible with each other though there are many awkward moments between them. why? oh, i forgot to tell u guys that this pairing is noona dongseng realtionship!!! (it means older and youngr pairing). im so move by their every episode and i started to search for their infos and i come across a blog where i can get all the inffos i want regarding them (ssangchu heaven). though hwangbo is older than hyun joong, u cannot deny the chemistry they have together and im sure u will agree with me if u watch the show.

as a life long fan of JoongBo i've started making some vids showing my love towards this lovely couple.
if u want to watch the vids that i created u can visit my youtube channel and comments on the vids that i've make.
enjoy watching!! ^^

Friday, June 12, 2009

Brilliant Legacy a.k.a Shining Inheritance - a modern day cinderella

hi guys...
today i would like to share with u guys about my latest addiction of kdramas which is Brilliant Legacy a.k.a Shining Inheritance. the first reason of me watching the drama is becuz Lee Seung Gi (drooling...) is going to be the lead man and it's been a while since i see him act in dramas but as i watch the drama i come to like the drama becuz of the drama itself and i also love all the casts for the drama as i can see that all of them can play all the characters very well.

here i put the synopsis of the story (taken from Soompi)

Date of Airing : Weekends at 10 pm (korean time) - 25 April'09 (After Family Glory)
Official Site : http://tv.sbs.co.kr/usan/index.html
PD : Jin Hyuk 진혁
Writer : So Hyun Kyung 소현경
Eps : 26
Cast : Han Hyo Joo, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Mi Sook, Moon Chae Won, Bae Soo Bin, Han Ye Won, Jung Seok Won, Min Young Won
Story:Eun Sung (Han Hyo Joo) was a kind-hearted girl who has everything, a loving father, a rich and happy family. But her step-mom, Baek Sung Hee (Kim Mi Sook) took away all her properities upon the death of her father (in a case of mistaken identity) and forced her to fend for herself while raising her real daughter 'Seung Mi' (Moon Chae Won) with great care. Luckily for Eun Sung who has a talent in cooking, she was accepted to a food company which is owned by the SunWoo family .But things are to get compilcated for her when she starts working for them as both SunWoo Hwan (Lee Seung Gi), the successor to the food company and Park Jun Se (Bae Soo Bin), a Fusion restaurant owner with an upcoming arranged marriage to Woo Hwan's younger sister "Woo Jung" (Han Ye Won) get attracted to her. She later got an inheritance from the Sunwoo's family's grandmother by chance and started to re-build what she has lost and gain success.

Currently, i have watched ep.14 and at this point, i can see that the love story is starting to get interesting as Sun Woo Hwan (WH) is developing some interest on the Eun Sung (ES) and the story will get better as both man WH and Kim Mi sook (KM) will try to get ES's attention (cmon WH oppa!!! grab ur chance at love!!)
plus, i really love how WH and ES quarreling with each other and i can see the love/hate vibe between them... ^^

this is some of the official photos taken from the official web site.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A very sad news on Hyun Joong...

I feel sorry for our fav shillang, Hyun Joong as he is now is not in his best shape. huhu... if i'm not mistaken, (taken from Soompi) Hyun Joong is send to the hospital as he fainted again. (yes, this is his 3rd time this year, -if i'm not mistaken-)
I'm really am mad at the management company (DSP) for making him tired all the time. plus, with his grandmother's condition at this time, i'm sure that he is physically, mentally and also emotionally stressed -__-. though maybe it's probably not the company fault, i still think that HJ hav a lot of thing in his place at the time. with the ASIAN TOUR, new MV, CF, photoshoot, etc, etc... he has no time to rest!!
i really hope that he thinks about taking care of his health becuz without being healthy, what's the point of being popular??
plus i really hope that uri buin (hwangbo) takes good care of shillang and i pray that HJ will hav a fabulous year ahead of him... ^^

here is a picture of HJ and his dongsengs (SS501)
i really hope that he will recover and smile again like he used to ^^

A New Beginning fo ME ^^

Hi, it’s me again... hmmm... it’s been a while since I last post here. Actually I don’t have any reason of creating a blog for myself. The reason why I created this blog is becuz I would think that this place would be a good way of expressing myself. But sadly, I never knew how to “properly” do it. Sad right? Huhu... (-___-) I don’t know what to put inside my blog so that it would be interesting but sadly I have nothing. I try to write about one of myself but somehow I felt it was boring and I don’t have a lot of thing to share with everyone. That’s why I leave this blog untouched and lonely and as time goes by I kind of forget about the existence of this blog.
But it is different now. Lately I’ve been viewing various blogs from all over the web. From my observation, I can see that most of the bloggers know how to express themselves and I think that one major problem that I face is that I wanted people to like my blog and sadly I forget that the main reason of creating this blog is that I wanted people to know about my interest and probably some people would like to read my story. It doesn’t mean that I need people to like my blog becuz I realise that if no one reads my blog it will not change anything. It is my story and I can read my own story.
That is the reason why I wanted to try again and write in this blog. Starting from now I will write about anything that interest me and also my long life journey in this world. I would also express my view on some serious issues regarding the world but it is my point of view. Some people would not agree on my view but having different point of view makes us human and we can agree and disagree in many thing. Right? ^^