Monday, December 26, 2011

Romantic Comedy Movies anyone?

ok, 1st i must admit that im not really into movies so much so that i dont even know (care would be the actual word) what is the latest movie now.
but lately, i have a change of heart. sometimes MOVIES are good n it is short enough not to make me wait every single week to see the continuation of a drama (even though that hasnt change my obsession with dramas... hehe)
so... what type of movies should i dig in? it would be ROMANTIC COMEDY (obvious what? :p)
why romantic comedy? just make some wild guesses...
after some surfing on the internet n spending countless times watching the movies, i would like to share:

10 romantic comedy movies (some r just romantic though) i would recommend everyone should watch.
  1. The Proposal 2009
  2. A Little Thing Called Love 2010 (Thai movie)
  3. Never Been Kissed 1999
  4. Flipped 2010
  5. Ever After: A Cinderella Story 1998
  6. Beastly 2011
  7. Chasing Liberty 2004
  8. Life As We Know It 2011
  9. Miss Congeniality 2000
  10. What Happens In Vegas 2008

actually there are so, so many romantic comedy movies to choose from n some of u would not think that the 10 movies i choose r  the best but there r for me! enjoy watching!