Saturday, March 31, 2012

what i've done for the past 3 months~

ok.. i must admit dat im d**m lazy to update my blog...
as usual i blame my busy schedule (as if im dat busy.. :p) for being so packed this past few months.
so... in order not making my blog as an "up-to-dead" blog i will tell u wat i've done this past few months. (actually i've got nothing new to share nowadays~ hehehe)

  • teaching my form 3,4 and 5 students (obviously)
  • accepted being a warden and being occupied since... (very tiring when every single minute there's student knocking on my fu**ing door) sigh~
  • doing post mortem for PMR & SPM 2011 (trust me, not a happy one...)
  • doing extra classes with my 'so, they think they are clever than me' students (just my daily dose of headache)
  • last but not least, doing my super duper dull routine n i've forgotten about this blog... (the most 'i swear to God' honest reason)