Monday, November 28, 2011

My mission for the hols

truthfully im quite bored during holidays n most of the time im keeping myself warm under my blankie n go on a journey i wont tell u today. (hehe :p)
but as i am a teacher now, i feel some obligation to do some improvement in my teaching. N for the first time ever, i've got the guts to pull myself out from my bed n do some school work!! (sometimes i want to kick my butt for being overly occupied with teaching)
even if im not that confident do to this, i had a head start this morning n (even i cannot believe it myself) i read some articles from my study years n they inspired me to do some improvement in my teaching.
so, i write down some of the ideas in my handy book for reference next year.
after this morning, i also got an idea to create a module for my form 3 students on the poems n the novel that they r going to do next year for their PMR.
next year's PMR format is going to change n the students are going to be asked some structured questions (open-ended) on poems that they have learned throughout 3 years studying in lower secondary form. potato people is going to be replaced with "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" by Jules Vern.
so that's it. im going to try to create a module for my students next year. im not quite sure whether the module is going to finish or not but at least i hav something to keep me busy during the holidays.... ^^

Friday, November 25, 2011

Lee Seung Gi oh my Lee Seung Gi....

my fav artist in whole korea... LEE SEUNG GI!!!! (melting)
even though this is also a late news, he has come out with new album and his hit song is "You're My Friend" or in korean language "Chinggu Janna".
it's a melo about a person loving his own best friend and always stays next to her. (mostly about unrequited love for the best friend)
so... here's the vid. ENJOY n support LEE SEUNG GI!!
p/s - JOONGBO (Hwangbo n Kim Hyun Joong are still my fav but i want to marry Seunggi!!! hehe *blush*

Thursday, November 24, 2011

what book means to me...

B - Be able to see what i've never imagine
O - OMG it takes me everywhere!
O- Obviously my closest mate
K - Knowledge? nope. a keeper more i like it... ^^

before u sleep?

1. Brush ur teeth
2. wash ur face
3. take wuduk'
4. wash ur feet
5. say ur pray n 'muhasabah diri'
6. SLEEP soundly + good dreams ^^

i lost a battle

i applied for EGTukar n sadly to announce that i failed to transfer school.
when i first receive the news that my application is denied, i cried so badly (trust me... i look so bad crying) to make thing worsts, my students saw me like that. such an EMBARRASSMENT!
but my students were very supportive n they tried to comfort me. even my housemate was there comforting me. one thing i like about that day was that i know that my students still want me to be their teacher. at least i know that i've done something good for them to continuously want me as their teacher... (i'm very touched) 
next year is another year at M******. and i will fight this battle again next year until the battle is won.