Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a really sad reality....

hankyung looks happy making weird face with other members (from left, hankyung, heechul, kibum, siwon)

yesterday i got a news about one of my fav idol groups, Super Junior.... yes the "Sorry,Sorry" one.... hmmmmm......
this is not a really good news to spread around but i think i want to share some tought on this matter....
ok, first let's look at the news dat i think very unfortunate.....
P/S: this is taken from KPOP WEB

Super Junior’s Chinese Member Hankyung has filed a litigation at the Seoul District Court on the 21st at 1pm about the effect of his exclusive contract.

Reporters are currently on a phone interview with Hankyung’s (who is in China) lawyer, Kim Jinwook. Lawyer Kim said, indeed he has filed a litigation about terminating the contract with SM, but to whether Hankyung will continue Super Junior’s activities, it has been undecided.

  • -It has been heard 2 types of litigation were filed today.
    It is confirmed that 2 litigations have been filed against the exclusive contract to not be valid and to terminate the contract. Simply put, the former says to terminate the exclusive contract and the latter is saying that until the exclusive contract is terminated, and until legal effect of the termination has taken place, (he) will be able to act in accordance of temporary activities at (his) own will.
  • -When did Hankyung prepare for this litigation?
    This is hard to answer. When the statement is released, it will be answered.
  • -The main point of this litigation is similar to Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 member’s exclusive contract?
    Majority speaking, it is almost similar. Hankyung’s contract is valid for 13 years, there are indeed many unfair clauses, so (he) decided to file the litigation.
  • -Has he been contacting the 3 members of DBSK?
    I am not very sure. Hankyung will state his own stand as soon as possible.
  • -Has the first date of the trial been decided?
    At the moment, not yet. The full situation has been sorted out properly. DBSK’s sequestration contract has been terminated, and the process of applying it to finishing the statement, takes about 2 months. Hankyung does not want to spend such a long time. DBSK’s situation has mediation in between, and has undergone trial a few times, so the time spent has been pretty long, we hope that Hankyung’s litigation will be solved as soon as possible.
  • -Did Hankyung think of continuing activities as part of Super Junior or will he leave the group?”
    That I am not too sure. As for Super Junior’s activities, up till now, there has been no decision made.
  • -It has been heard that (he) plans to have solo activities in China?
    I have not heard of that.
so.... what do you guys think...
DBSK members Yoochun, Junsu and Jaejung also filed a litigation towards their company SM entertainment and now is facing a dirty and bloody trial and what hav they gain from this battle? so far.... nothing....

DBSK..... please stay together as kpop idol and not just jpop idol.....

though i know that the contract was unfair but if it is so... i would really like if everyone fight for it and not only one person who came forward fighting this matter and as a side effect, the group future is at hold.... :{
i really hate it if this matter will affect the group's future becuz they are sooo close with each other....
look at DBSK.... as for now, i dont see them as a 5 members group cuz from ny observation they look apart... 2+3 and not united 1. plus, their activities are also delayed and canceled.

in my opinion.... if the contract is really unfair, i would suggest the whole group fight for it becuz they are one unit and if a person feel the pain, the others will too.
but who am i to say all this thing..... im just a tiny fan and my idols are falling apart.... huhuhuhu
it's really painful.....

Monday, December 21, 2009

my new "in-to" couple in WGM.... <3 <3 <3

Ga-In (Brown Eyed Girls) and Jo Kwon (2AM)!!!!!!!
this couple is my latest interest in korean entertainment world... heeee
after sooo long (i think almost a year) not watching and knowing about the couples in WGM, i finally found out a couple in this 2nd season that grab my attention... Jo-In couple!!!!
this couple is funny and seem soo real and when watching them, i feel like WGM can still produce good couple for this program after the end of JOONGBO in WGM.
as everyone know, i'm a life long JoongBoer and will always be but it doesn't mean that i cant like other coupling in WGM that i think compatible.... heeee...

Jo Kwon and Ga-In all smile and happy when taking picture together... ^^

if you guys want to know more about this lovely couple, just go to this Soompi thread... but make sure you register first before surfing the thread.... ^^
[Official] Ga-In ♥ Jo Kwon Couple Thread!