Friday, August 24, 2012

Eid Mubarak!!!

i know... it's been a 'very long' while since i post something.... hehehe (yup, same reason why, busry,busy,busy and a big fat LAZY!!)

ok, enough rambling...
before i forget, let me wish everyone Happy Eid Mubarak!!!
after a month of fasting, now iqTm`$LiۯQ@`܊2ate the victory and to appreciate the wonder ALLAH have given to us.
usually Aidilfitri is my fav month of the year.... but this year seem different.
one thing is because our family did not celebrate Raya at our village but the other thing is that this year's Ramadhan makes me feel calm and happy. so, i feel reluctant to leave Ramadhan.

but still, Aidilfitri is a month of happiness n i hope everyone can enjoy the festivity!