Thursday, August 19, 2010

great moral n cultural values in old malay movie... Bujang Lapok~

this is not a long comment about the story...
most Malaysian and even non-Malaysian already know about Tan Sri P. Ramlee's magnificent and brilliant movie.
all i want to stress out is that the old malay drama is filled with good moral values that people nowadays keep forgetting about.
i dun know how many time i have watch the movie but i still love watching it and for me the idea of inserting great moral and cultural values in a comedic way is brilliant and P.Ramlee was really good at it....
all n all..... im proud to be MALAYSIAN... ^^

RunNing OuT of eNErGY~

out of breath,
out of time,
trying to pay attention,
but nothing come across,
am i playing dumb and just plain boring?
dat's a question i still hav no answer of...

Lee Seung Gi "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho" support!!!

my sweet, cute man is again playing hero for a new drama... ^^
and this time it's a comedy...
obviously im amazed watching how good Seung Gi can act... he's marvelous~ ^^v
here is a song sing by seung gi to promote his drama.... better watch it!!!! it's very sweet and funny and loving and cute and interesting and the list go on.... hehehe~

"Mischievous Kiss" a new project of Kim Hyun Joong ^^

yup... a new project indeed...
finally, after a loong while... he agreed to join the drama team.
at first, obviously i was doubtful about the drama becuz it could be a mistake to accept such role....
however, it does not mean that what i said matter.
im just a puny fan wanting to see the best of him... ^^
and after a thought.... i think dat it is a good idea accepting the project.
"Mischievous Kiss" is actually an adaptation of japanese manga "Itazura Na Kiss" or "It Started With A Kiss". the story has an interesting plot where the hero of the story is a genius while the heroin is just plain dumb (totally!!!). but becus of the girl's determination, she will get the hero.... (at the end... obviously)
plus, this manga had been adapted to the japanese and taiwanese drama already and this time around, korean drama want to adapt the story...
personally, i love the taiwanese drama and i think that the two of them r sooo compatible... they even made a squeal, entitled "They Kiss Again". this time, the both of them r in the marriage phase.

 Taiwan's version

but what about the Korean drama? could it be better? im not sure.... but i want to be optimistic about it... ^^
here is the poster of the drama and it will be aired in september 2010... Be sure to watch it!!!!! ^^

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

U will never know....

"for the first time in my whole life"

there's always a first in everything dat we do n at this moment im experiencing the 'first'
wat is to expect?
no anticipation not even a glimpse of hope...
all that matter is dat it is a must and i can't  escape....
different.... it really is different
nothing to compare to the past where there's some brunch for me to hang on.
wat am i to do?
like Adam and Hawa.... where they were separated from each other to the land of unknown
walking straight and hoping for the best...
face the hardship with head up high...
dat is wat im going to do n yes I WILL

hoping for a rainbow at the end of da road