Saturday, September 6, 2014


To the end of the road,  
Wanting to achieve.
Going further,
Sacrificing all.
Walking blindly.
Stepping on hard things,
 Still move on.
Tired, i sit,
Thinking again.
Priority is a hurdle.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Goodbye note for my ship JOONGBO

I'm over being a JOONGBOer... T_T
The news about kim hyun joong abusing n hurting his girlfriend is more than i could accept.
How could he possibly hurt someone that he considers his love one?!!! I just cannot accept the fact that he is that kind of guy.
One thing for sure, i'll never condone abusive behaviour especially towards women. NEVER!!!
Im sure hwangbo unnie deserves someone better than him.
Even though im soooo heart broken listening to the news, i just cannot accept the fact that im shipping hwangbo with someone like hyun joong. N not anymore... 
Am i gonna delete all the memories that i have for the past 6 years? 
I wont cuz that r my guilty pleasures of wanting to see n have beautiful relationship.
So, i will keep all the memories n cheerish all the thing i have for joongbo couple. 

I hope hwangbo unnie will find someone that can really take care n love her forever. I also hope hyun joong will learn a valuable lesson from all of these n stop hurting the person that u love. 

Goodbye JoongBo~

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Moment to Realise

A moment to realise that you are not alone,
is a moment you'll realise you are alone.

A moment to realise life must go on,
is a moment you'll realise there's hurdle up in front.

A moment to realise there's no hustle,
is a moment you'll realise you are in trouble.

A moment to realise you are you,
is a moment you will know you are TRUE....