Monday, November 18, 2013


Assalamualaikum... hello, hi and welcome to school holiday!!!!
yes, it's this time again of the year where everyone is waiting for. time to have fun, travel, rest, relax and chill.
but it's not really relevant for me this year. last year, i was preoccupied with my father's illness and honest to God i don't think it's a burdened. i love my abah so much and pray every single day for him.

This is year, is a different story. i have tons of work to do for this holiday. for those who didn't know, Malaysian teachers nowadays are burdened with lots, and lots of workload that are sometimes irrelevant. from PBS to VLE-Frog, the list never ends. but like any other civil servant i MUST do what i am asked to.

so, HOLIDAY? noooooooo....
i should change it to WORKI-DAY

Here are some of the things i have to do for this WORKI-DAY
  • look after SPM kids at the hostel - and being BORED
  • finishing my e-prestasi and "what not" - duhhhhhh
  • marking SPM papers - 400 - 500 scripts, come to mama!
  • VLE-Frog????? still no idea
  • RPT 2014
however.... i ACCEPT all. it's ok. as long as i can hold on, i'll do them all.
i just have to show people that have negative thoughts on teaching profession and believing that being teachers are easy how professional a teacher can be.

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