Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pampered Grandchild??

Doting. it's normal for grandparents to dote on their grandchild, but is it normal for grandparents to have favorites among their grandchild?
most people would say yes. grandparents are human after all.
as a matter of fact, i'm one of the 'exception' that got the special treatment. and i'm telling you it's not all that "candy sweet like feeling" that everyone think it would be. NO,NO,NO...
why? now here are some (i repeat SOME) of the reasons that being pampered by grandparents are su***
  • you are always mistreated by your siblings cuz they think you are far lucky to be doted by grandma n granda. (hey, u can't have this! go n ask granny to get it for you!)
  •  yes you r given many gifts n money but at the end of the day, all that are investments to keep you on their side (dear, remember how i've taken care of u when u were a baby? if so, please marry this chap that i know because i know he can make you happy) What?!!!!
  • your siblings will get jealous of you and u r left stuck in the middle. (who would you choose? both r important for you. they r family after all!)
And the most important thing is that We (the pampered grandchild) are do not ask for this extra attention from grandparents. it just happen!!!
in conclusion, CUT US SOME SLACK! we need some space to breath......

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